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 B➚➘ENROUTEIntegral Life Design is engaging in mind, body and heart to awaken in all aspects of yourself through enriching learning and personal guidance, mentorship and coaching together. 

 Our programs are designed with cutting-edge materials and practices to nourish your life with what matters to you. 



Gabriela O'Malley

Tap into your unconscious mind and discover what traits where you born with and which ones you developed to survive. Which ones were mimicked from your parents or caregivers and how to brake old misbeliefs.

“Our motivational unconscious can unintentionally creep into our creative work, without us even being aware of it. Therefore, by paying attention to themes and patterns in our creative work and to what creative work we are drawn to, we gain access to our motivational unconscious mentation.” Dr Hans


Gabriela O'Malley

When we live immersed in a fast-paced world, overpacked with data coming from all directions, deadlines we need to fulfilled, family events and school projects we need to keep track on, life’s own curve-balls in relationships, parenting, and health, and pretty much everything else along with the over 70 thousand thoughts per day – how can you stay focus? What do you do to declutter your mind and enjoy a stress-free lifestyle? 


Gabriela O'Malley

The word “emotion” comes from the Latin word emovere, meaning “to move through or out.” Each of us experiences emotions on a very personal and intimate level. Engaging and being transparent about emotions that are challenging and difficult is tremendously beneficial.

  • Are all of your emotions yours? Or do they remind you of somebody else?
  • Are your emotions becoming replicas of what you hated the most as a child?
  • Are your emotions based on an specific fear? Which one?
  • Are your emotions being triggered in a pattern?

Learn the 5 Skills of Emotional Intelligence and how to apply them into your life.

Why is Emotional Awareness Beneficial?

  • Helps us gain self-control to manage conflict
  • Impacts our decision making.
  • Helps us develop patience and understanding = empathy.
  • Assists us in reducing stress
  • Improves our relationships
  • Helps us teach our children how to manage theirs too.