"People are capable at any time in their lives, of doing what they dream of" - Paulo Coelho

Sculpt Your Career

There are many ways to find a job and achieve professional progress. Clients receive the guidence to outline their goals and growing edge opportunities.

For expat partners and relocating partners, we sketch a plan to calculate and achieve a successful Return of Investment (ROI) in their Assignment, focused on the personal and professional goals they’d like to work towards achieving.

Our strategic work is based on your answers to:

  1. What do I need to be successful?

  2. How can I cultivate a greater understanding of my self-worth and recognition of my accomplishments while I become employed/professionally active again?

  3. What challenges do I foresee in this assignment? (i.e. language, personality, etc)

  4. What’s missing in my life right now?


Our Program Includes SERVICES ON:

  • Career Transition Consulting

  • Return to Work Program

  • Successful Return of Investment in Abroad Assignment

  • Career Path Design

  • Job Search Skills Training

  • Intercultural Awareness

  • Interview Practice


We work with people transitioning their career path, from unemployment gap to career discovery, crafting their self-employment route and design of a portable career to meet their lifestyle.

Ready to gain the clarity and confidence to renew or discover professional success?

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Your Results:

  • Build your Story | Find your Unique Value Proposition

  • Identify what Career is Best for You

  • Understand the Market

  • Bring Forward Clarity

  • A Concrete Plan to Launch your Career Path Forward

  • Resume | LinkedIn Profile

  • Enhance Personal Brand