Personal Growth  Personal Brand  Professional Development 

Health & Wellness Curriculum

Enrich your life and experience a greater sense of wholeness, empowerment and personal fulfillment in 4 key areas of life. 

Assessments debrief and private coaching sessions will include a review of your results, relevant theory underlying your results, your growing edge, and creation of action steps for you going forward. You are welcome to record the call sessions if you wish.

The Integral Life Design Program is 12-week long, organized in 12 modules and 12 weekly private coaching sessions.

 Registration for this program includes:

  • Personal Growth, Personal Brand and Professional Development Programs.

  • Health & Wellness Curriculum (Available August 2018).

  • 12 Weekly Private High-Impact Coaching Sessions (in person, by phone and/or video) 60 min each.

  •  4-week follow-up Mentoring Partner Program.


Ask & answer fundamental questions. Be ready to step up for bigger challenges. Brand yourself smart. Learn how to lead a healthier life.