Strategies to Enhance Wellbeing & Change and Transitions Management

Expat Life or simply relocating from one state to another can be an amzing experience - but it can also be scary, lonely, overwhelming and... complicated. 

The Relocating Partner Readiness Program is a  12-week long, organized in 12 modules and 12 weekly private coaching sessions, delivered with sensitive attention to the complexities of managing change and transitions and their impact in building a new life from scratch, self-identity challenges, launching a new career - sometimes in the midst of raising a family.

Private coaching sessions will include a review of your results, your growing edge, and creation of action steps for you going forward with key support in integration and change management.

As consultants, we’ll support your development thru a thorough research specific to your areas of interest, design your career portfolio, create or polish your brand and enhance your new life experience anywhere.


Registration for this program includes: 

  • 7 Strategies to Manage Change & Transitions. 

  • Personal Growth, Personal Brand and Professional Development Programs.

  • Health & Wellness Curriculum (Available October 2018).

  • 12 Weekly Private High-Impact Coaching and Consulting Sessions (in person, by phone and/or video) 60 min each.

  •  4-week follow-up Mentoring Partner Program.

Being locked in ongoing change while launching new lives from scratch will gain you a wealth of valuable skills, grit, and wisdom you can learn to leverage early on in the journey.


Why Choose Spending Those Important Years in the Shadows of Unlived Potential? 


Cost Effective Global Learning and Development

I do not have a budget for globally dispersed partners to receive costly coaching and education programs – how do I avail of highly customized learning and development with high impact for a competitive price point?

As seasoned expats and relocating partners, we know first-hand what the experience of these challenges feels like - physically, mentally and emotionally. We know what's behind the curtain of relocating, leading a family through global change and raising Third Culture Children mostly as single-parents