4 Pillars of Authentic Transformation & Strategies in Change and Transitions Management

Global relocations or simply relocating from one state to another can be an amazing experience - but it can also be scary, lonely, overwhelming and... complicated. 

The Relocating Partner Readiness Program is 12-week long, organized in 12 modules with private coaching and consulting sessions in person or remote.

You will learn to protect your self-identity, manage the challenges, build a career, enhance your personal brand, and everything else you feel ready to create in your new life. Our Integral Life Design Program combined with Specific Strategies to Manage Change & Transitions, will take you there.

Private coaching sessions include review assessments, your growing edge, and creation of action steps for your development with key support in integration and change management.

As consultants, we’ll support you with a thorough research specific to your areas of interest, we design your career portfolio, enhance your personal brand and guide you to build step-by-step your new life.


Registration for this program includes: 

  • 7 Strategies to Manage Change & Transitions. 

  • Personal Growth, Personal Brand and Professional Development Programs.

  • 12 Weekly Private High-Impact Coaching and Consulting Sessions (in person, by phone and/or video) 60 min each.

  •  Follow-up Mentoring Partner Program.

There’s a path a lot of us relocating partners have traveled: we’ve left jobs or careers behind, we’ve been left alone with a load of mundane housing challenges while raising children, we’ve navigated uncertainty and battled emotional chaos, we’ve been in a vortex of new information learning how to maneuver it all in order to relaunch our lives in foreign and unexplored environments, and we’ve been away from our safety network for a fair amount of time. We’ve spent so much time throwing away whole pieces of our lives…only to replace them with newer, different versions.

One of the most valuable lesson I’ve walked away with after spending many years moving and relocating is this: …..


Cost Effective Global Learning and Development

I do not have a budget for globally dispersed partners to receive costly coaching and education programs – how do I avail of highly customized learning and development with high impact for a competitive price point?