A Few Thoughts About Legacy

I was talking to a dear friend of mine recently and was moved by a lot of things she shared with me. After we hung up, we sent each other a text; in hers, she said – “you have a lot of merit”. This word ‘merit’, touched my heart. It made me realize how much we truly get to accomplish in our lives, through our jobs, motherhood, marriage, relationships… really, so much.

Reflecting on how much I value my contributions and creations, so often taking them for granted or making them seem small or even buying the belief of their worth every time I put them under the world’s umbrella that defines what success is, made me realize that my merits are my successes. In fact, the foundation of my legacy. As women specially, we struggle with recognizing the value of our contributions and creations when they are not seen or rewarded.

I traveled around the world for many years, immersed in a lifestyle that was beyond my capacity to do more work than the motherwork involved in raising my daughters, dealing with the stress and the overwhelmed behind launching a new life, in a new place over and over, with no friends or family around, most importantly - avoiding going insane with the real-life effects of moving every year or two!...I don’t regret not having a job outside of that - work is work. All the work that you do, paid or not, officially recognized or not, valued or not – it’s all yours. You’ve done it, you’ve created it, you built it and you continue to do it diligently regardless of its market value. However, it’s also true to say that for a long time I felt that my ‘merits’ were not enough. Even now, that I feel more accomplished and are crafting my passion, every now and then I get caught up in the game of questioning the value of my contributions and creations. 

I'm thankful for having a friend who reminded me of that beautiful truth - the truth about the weight our merits have in our lives. The truth that our merits are the facts of our life that make us unique.

Look at you own merits thoughtfully and give yourself permission to feel and own that unique sense of fulfillment and satisfaction from all that you’ve done and accomplished so far in your life.

We may not have achieved a few dreams yet and may have to continue working on projects for a while before we finish them, but hey, that’s the journey.

I hope your life is full of dreams and projects in all different stages.