Do You Live Setting Intentions or Expectations?

Going through change and transitions isn't easy, and some of the reasons this even gets more complex are - EXPECTATIONS & RESISTANCE.

Expectation - a strong belief that something will happen or be the case in the future; a belief that someone will or should achieve something.

Sometimes, we are taught to have expectations from childhood. From our parents, caregivers, teachers and society in general, our brains absorb and interpret messages and give meaning from the answers and information we are given to the how’s, what’s and why’s  of life. With some evidence, but mostly trust, slowly but steady, these data shapes our thoughts and perception of how life is supposed to be, what our life is supposed to be and why we should follow. 

Certainly, we benefit from teachings of social behavior and values. But the how to live, what to do and why  - that’s for you and me to discover, not to follow.

You’ll take Disappointment out of the Equation when you Get Rid of Expectations.  The reality is, no one is in charge of our life, but ourselves. Whatever happens in our life is because we are creating and/or allowing. We should understand this principle.

The actions or decisions others choose to do are separate from yours. Even when they may impact your life - directly or indirectly, you own the choice to determine how to let it affect you, and how to turn it around. Everything else are excuses, perhaps rooted in immaturity, victimization, fear or ignorance.  Blaming others, or blaming out of hand circumstances, is nothing but a waste of time.

What if we made a shift and move away from expectations, where instead of placing our fate in outside events or other people’s choices, we place that fate in ourselves? We own it. What if we make a stop to expecting outcomes with fixed ideas learned from childhood, and social presumptions about how to live, what to do and why .

Intentions, not expectations. The first shift you can make in your life with regards on expectations, is to replace them with intentions.

Expectations aren’t dreams, goals or desires.. but all that doesn't serve you:

  • fixed ideas and tags of shoulds and shouldn’ts

  • judgement

  • distorted beliefs

  • fear and misconception of what happiness and success are

Getting rid of what doesn’t serve you, alleviates the self-inducted pain that comes with judgement of self and others, and resistance to the lessons that life is presenting you with.

Give it a try, and intend rather than expect. Get actively involved in the outcome of your life, instead of taking the spectator seat, who opts to live kneeled down to fate. Waiting for something to happen. Expecting life to unfold a certain way, people behave a certain way. Living meekly.

Expectations lead to disappointment because they nurture false ways of thinking.

Living with intention means getting involved in your life’s outcomes, hands-on. Visualize and nurture what you can co-create and reap the benefits of feeling happier, fulfilled, appreciated, loved, thus experience a greater sense of wellbeing.

 Understanding Our Role as Co-creators Is Powerful

Malika Chopra, teaches us what living with intent means – “when you live with intent, you learn to consciously plant the seeds of your dreams, water them, and nurture them along the way. You learn to appreciate the gifts of the moment, and to stop, slow down, and take a much-needed breath.”

Plant the seeds of what you most want and nurture them every day.