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 B➚➘ENROUTEIntegral Life Design is engaging in mind, body and heart to awaken in all aspects of yourself through enriching learning and personal guidance, mentorship and coaching together. 

 Our programs are designed with cutting-edge materials and practices to nourish your life with what matters to you. 



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Gabriela S. O'Malley is a Wellbeing & Personal Development Advisor, seasoned expat, mother of two, and founder of ENROUTE.LIFE. She works with people from all walks of life to help them diagnose their development needs and teach them how to make shift happen to build a life they love - internally empowered, boost creativity, manage change and experience a greater sense of wholeness.

With 6 years of Interdisciplinary Training across Personal Development and Wellbeing from top Institutions and thought leaders, in Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness, Compassion, Motivational Unconsciousness, Seven Dimensions of Wellness, CBT Essentials, Heartfulness Meditation, Spiritual Growth, and more, Gabriela combines her training with over 10 years of experiential knowlede in change management and leading her family through global transitions.

Gabriela also holds a BS in Accounting and Finances (University of Monterrey) and English Proficiency (Angloschool, University of Cambridge). Prior to her multiple relocation experiences, Gabriela spent 10 years in the private and non for profit sectors in strategy and operations with extensive experience in launching projects from scratch.

The sum of all of her journeys - as an expat spouse, mother of TCK and caregiver, lays behind the 7 Strategies to Manage Change and Transitions (™) worbook she developed to assist other relocating partners learn how to leverage opportunities and protect their family's wellbeing as they go through transition. Gabriela is also writing a book, where she talks candidly about the emotions and challenges faced as a relocating partner. In this book, she extends  on how to apply the carfted-designed 7 Strategies based on the7 Dimensions of Wellness, to help families lead a succesful life from anywhere in the world.

 Expat Path - Gabriela led a myriad of moves to places that include California, Georgia, Texas, Connecticut, Germany, Singapore and Spain. Originally from the contemporary suburb of San Pedro Garza Garcia in Northeast Mexico, she's based in the San Francisco Bay Area and work with clients worldwide.

Motivation behind Enroute.Life

When you're ready to take the next step in your life to find what you want, discover your passion, your dharma, find your voice again, figure out how to have a succesful life, get back to the workforce... and everything else you might be looking for..'ll be standing in front of a gigantic maze of noise offering different routes to get there. While some are the real deal, a lot are scams and just noise.

 With the lack of credibility on the web, to go through that maze may take years until you find the right help and resources that matter to you.

I know this, because I did it. The good news is that I've done the work for you, so now, you don't need to waste precious time, money... and a lot of frustration.

People like you and I, who are passionate about caring for our family but also want to develop in enriching ways and experience progress to improve our lives to be better parents, to enjoy loving relationships, to be content with the life we're leading and live with purpose - need to have a place to access this learning with the mentorship that we deserve.

A place that can fit our lifestyle - this is why I created this space, for you to have the opportunity to find ways to enrich your life, with the real deal material and extraordinary teachers and mentors, without having to travel anywhere.