Gabriela O’Malley, founder of EnRoute.Life a learning and development coaching and consulting company from Palo Alto, CA, is also the mother of two children, both in middle school.

She has lived in Mexico, USA, Singapore, Spain, Germany and UK. Before her first relocation, she invested the last years of her career leading NGO projects to support children’s education from impoverished communities.

During her relocating partner years, she successfully led her family thru 7 relocations, 12 homes, many schools and all sort of news’s. Yet she also felt the impact of having a voyaging life but no mobile career. In pursuing enriching progress and personal fulfillment, Gabriela learned how to design and craft a new professional path in complete alignment with her passion and a dream job.

The sum of her experiences and lessons learned are reflected in her practice as a Personal and Professional Development Consultant for EnRoute.Life and for NetExpat - a leading global provider in assessment, training and coaching services for expats and expat partners.

Gabriela supports individuals in applying and creating strategies for growth and transformation that includes high-impact consulting in career development and career transition. Part of her work includes facilitating key tools and practices to diagnose development needs focused on the 7 dimensions of wellbeing - Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Social, Spiritual, Occupational and Environmental, to help restore a greater sense of wholeness for clients dealing with self-identity crisis, lack of personal fulfillment and complex transitions.

“Creating change and transformation is an incredible experience that starts with giving yourself permission to visualize, create and own your story.” - Gabriela O’Malley

She combines +10 years of experiential knowledge in change and transitions management with 6 years of Interdisciplinary Training across Personal Development and Wellbeing from top Institutions and thought leaders, in Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness, Compassion, Motivational Unconsciousness, Seven Dimensions of Wellness, CBT Essentials, Heartfulness Meditation, Spiritual Growth, and more. She holds a BS in Accounting and Finances (University of Monterrey) and English Proficiency (Angloschool, University of Cambridge).

After her 10-year journey as an expat and relocating partner, successfully lading her family through global and national relocations, she is currently writing a book, where she talks candidly about the emotions and challenges faced as a relocating partner and in raising a family around the world. In it, she extends on how to apply the 7 Strategies to Manage Change and Transitions she developed to help families and individuals protect and enhance their wellbeing.

Originally from the contemporary suburb of San Pedro Garza Garcia in Northeast Mexico, she's based in the San Francisco Bay Area and works with clients worldwide.


A Personal Note

Finding Your Way Through The Maze

Have you ever been lost or locked in transition? I have. During the myriad of moves before children and then with children, I experienced what many relocating partners have - intense change, life upside-down, eventualities with the moving containers, haunting new schools and doctors… and friends; and everything else that comes along with uprooting your life and building a new one from scratch, many times as a single parent. A few years ago, a year in what was my 6th relocation, with both of my daughters in full-time school schedule, I felt a strong desire to make the next move in my life. I had been leading and embracing so much change, I felt it was my time to what others call ‘get back into the workforce’, but to me, sounded more like ‘what can I do?, what am I good at?, what do I want?. All I knew then was I wanted to experience enriching progress in my (new) life.

I began my search not even knowing what exactly I was searching for. I had more questions than available answers and very fast got immersed in what felt a gigantic maze, with a wide range of universal voices offering a cocktail of routes - most of them claiming to have ‘the answer’. It became clear that when we're ready to take the next step and ship out to figure out who we are, find what we’ve been looking for, claim our voice and discover how to experience greater sense of achievement and personal fulfillment... we inevitably will find ourselves standing at the gate of this massive maze with all its senseless noise and cocktail of routes. While some of those voices may be the real deal, a lot of them are nothing but scams and a waste of valuable time and money…. letting us down, feeling even more lost, confused and frustrated.

Going through the massive maze & fruitless noise experience myself, shed light to understand that with the lack of credibility on the web and the fast-paced change in today's increasingly competitive world, finding an effective route and one you can trust, is a journey itself, and one it can take years to travel. It shed light to realize that sometimes isolated learning and traditional coaching fall short to get us all the way to the other side - that side where we have answers to important questions, where we have clarity in our professional path, where we know who we are and where we’re going.

Avidly seeking for ways to experience progress, I spent many years between classes and coaching sessions, spreading out my resources into too many baskets, struggling to manage my availability between that personal pursue and parenting (and all that comes with it). Often wrestling for answers to - how can I make it to the other side without sacrificing family, money and time? How can I find something of great value that will not be a short-cut but an enriching effective approach that will help me move my life forward? Wishing to find these answers that would also have the availability and flexibility that would fit my lifestyle and my schedule.

After a long journey, I learned that getting to the other side of the maze is an incredible crusade we can achieve without sacrificing anything - not our family, not our money, not our time. How? Through merging enriching learning with coaching and consulting from those who have been in your shoes. This is what EnRoute.Life is - a place where you’ll learn, you’ll find real solutions to your unique story and pursue of dreams, a place where you’ll discover effective ways to improve your life and nourish your spirit.

I hope this Route Will Help You Move Your Life Forward.