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“Creating change and transformation is an incredible experience that starts with giving yourself permission to visualize, create and own your story.”

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Gabriela specializes in creating opportunities for personal growth and professional progress to support people in transition map life’s direction and achieve their goals.

As a veteran change & transitions expert, Gabriela founded EnRoute.Life - a coaching and consulting company from Palo Alto, CA that encompasses - Growth and Personal Brand Empowerment while Enhancing Well-being, to support people in transition move their life forward.

As a Career Coach and Consultant at NetExpat - a leading global provider in assessment, training and coaching services, she has the privilege of working with expat partners from all walks of life; supporting them achieve a successful Return of Investment in their assignment and their professional goals. In her work, she includes cultural awareness and change management assistance.

Gabriela’s broadened view of the world comes from living in Mexico, USA, Singapore, Spain, Germany and UK. Her strong background in creating opportunities comes from successfully launched and managed an NGO project from the ground up, supporting children’s education and well-being; leading her family thru 9 relocations and 11 homes; and crafting her professional comeback with a career in complete alignment with her passion and dream job.

Her +15 years of experience with Change, Transitions, Integration, Adaptability, Resilience and Raising a Family with a Life on the Move is combined with her ongoing training in Professional Development, Cultural Awareness and Academic Learning in - Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness, Compassion, Motivational Unconsciousness, Seven Dimensions of Wellness, CBT Essentials, Heartfulness Meditation, Spiritual Growth, and more.

She also holds a BS in Accounting and Finances from University of Monterrey and English Proficiency from Angloschool, University of Cambridge.

Originally from the contemporary suburb of San Pedro Garza Garcia in Northeast Mexico, she's based in the San Francisco Bay Area and works with clients worldwide.

Why I do What I do?

EnRoute.Life is a place for you to nourish growth and transformation. A place where you’ll find ways to move your life forward and build a life you feel excited about. You’ll discover your gifts, your life’s purpose and what makes you experience authentic fulfillment.


Have you ever been lost or locked in transition?  I spent an entire decade relocating around as my husband escalated career opportunities. It was fun, crazy, exciting and exhausting!

Managing ongoing change and transitions for years - moving around, launching an entire life from ground up, again and again; switching from places, culture and people, all while raising a family - is a way of life that’s exciting, overwhelming, and challenging, to clearly understand life’s lessons.

The experiences are so rich and happening so fast, that the fine tuned awareness that we need to nurture our sense of self and pursue of personal fulfillment, can easily fall in the shadows of motherhood demands and relocation madness.

In this process of uprooting my life, I was too, leaving behind portions of what I had built for myself, to next turn around, and begin crafting my new next life figuring out who’s the ME in it.

I had a job during the first years of my moving journey and other years, I volunteered in exciting projects. But keeping a job or any volunteer commitment became impossible when I was moving every year or two - locally, domestic and international.

It wasn’t until a year in what was my 8th relocation, with both of my daughters in school full-time, and with no moving plans ahead, that it hit me. I realized I had been locked in the transitions of my mobile lifestyle. I looked at my life, and didn’t have anything exciting happening in my personal chapter. What I did have, was a significant gap in my resume, no idea how to explain it, endless questions and my friend the Internet to start searching for answers. All of the questions on our first page at enroute.life, were mine too - all of them.

The serial reinvention I kept for years, was silently crafting strengths and skills, it’d take me years to learn how to rescue them. I knew all what I had gone thru had been so enriching and powerful, but it was all in scattered pieces together with my identity.

Putting all the pieces of my life back together and finding valid resources that contributed to my personal growth and answered all of my questions, was a journey that taught me 5 key lessons:

One: When you have followed an untraditional way of life like mine, whenever ready to re-enter the workforce with your significant professional gap in one hand and scattered life puzzle in the other, asking people for coffee and hiring a recruiter will not be enough answer.

Two: To tell apart what’s real and what’s a scam in the range of universal voices in the world, deserves an award.

Three: My journey thru this maze, shed light to understand that the lack of credibility on the web in a fast-paced increasingly competitive world, is a major challenge.

Four: Accept that isolated learning and traditional coaching fall short to get us all the way to the other side.

Five: To find enriching porogress that moves life forward, without sacrificing family, money and time, is possible.

Going thru this experience is what motivated me to create a place where nourishment, growth and empowerment co-exist. To help people in transition - like you and me, experience enriching progress and authentic transformation.

No matter where in the race you are.

No matter where in the world you live.

Welcome to Enroute.Life!