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“Creating change and transformation is an incredible experience that starts with giving yourself permission to visualize, create and own your story.”

Gabriela is a contributing author to the book 'Life on the Move' (Amazon June 2019) - all funds raised will be donated to a holistic orphanage in Pointe Noire, Congo -(www.mwanavillages.com).

Originally from the contemporary suburb of San Pedro Garza Garcia in Northeast Mexico, she's based in the San Francisco Bay Area | San Diego | Coronado, and works with clients worldwide.

Gabriela specializes in supporting individuals in transition find their path, map growth opportunities and navigate life's transitions effectively, while enhancing their well-being.

She combines 19 years of experience of successfully crafting, launching and managing projects from the ground up, that involved market and organizational development, reinvention, integration and logistics. Her International background includes 6 countries - Mexico, USA, Singapore, Spain, Germany and UK, 9 relocations and 11 homes, with a total of 21 moves.

Gabriela founded EnRoute.Life - a Consulting and Coaching Company to individuals in transition that encompass 4 key dimensions critical to long-term success: Personal Growth | Professional Development | Personal Brand and Image | Well-being Essentials.

At NetExpat - a leading global provider in assessment, training and coaching services, thru coaching and consulting support, she works with expat partners with strategic deliverables for a successful Return of Investment (ROI) in international assignments, while effectively navigating transitions.

There’s a world of categories and ranks with change - good, bad, ugly, exciting or terrifying; change undoubtedly impacts us and our lives. Change is our teacher - it crafts the seasons around us to reflect time and art. It’s Master of Itself. No matter how hard we try to submit, control, or attempt to slow it down; change will move on with its own plans. Our best choice is to learn from it and move along, adapting to what it brings.

Transitions are the lessons. They bring the material, tools and the knowledge we’ll need to embrace or survive the force that turned our life upside down.

Overall, change is transformation. A beautiful opportunity filled with mystery and wisdom. It exists to remind us that nothing is forever. That this precise moment is all we own and is up to you and me to seize it. 

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