"Each morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most" - Buddha

Encompass Your Well-being

There’s a variety of changes and transition periods we get to go throughout our life.  Some shape the path of our journey, leaving remarkable lessons.

Life-altering changes have a direct impact in the 7 dimensions of our well-being: Physical, Spiritual, Intellectual, Emotional, Social, Occupational and Environmental.

Each dimension of our well-being is formed by a series of - small and big actions, choices and decisions - we take every day. They mirror our way of life reflecting our inner world - what we cultivate, our priorities, preferences and the direction where we’re heading.

They are the compass in our life journey.

These 7 Well-being strategies are specifically designed based on the 7 dimensions of wellness, to help you manage life-altering Change and Transitions. Each strategy, can develop into whatever your personal preferences and choices are.

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Your Results:

Develop a Growth Mindset.

Elevate your Emotional Awareness.

Experience Life-Changing Situations with Inner-Wisdom.

Learn How to Build a Solid Well of Resources to Draw From.


Give yourself time to be with yourself, to collect yourself and put order into chaos internally. It’s so important to give yourself time and permission to understand, absorb the big change of life you’re embracing, but also, to grief what you’ve left behind - temporarily or not, it is your present today.

Stress takes a toll in our health. We’ll work on understanding ARU in depth and how to apply stress-reduction activities you can implement in your daily routine as you wish, to help you tame the triggers, unwind and sooth your emotional wellbeing.


Your soul and your heart are your centers, let them guide you every step in the journey. Understand who you are and who you’re not - as you embrace your completely new life, stay true to yourself and embrace your transformation being awake (present)  to learn what you need to learn.

Your thoughts, motivations, emotions they all play a critical role and are rooted in your spirit and heart. Then, you must cultivate and nurture what feeds your spirit and heart. We’ll identify how to find ways to nurture your centers.


Own the power of choice, move away from expectations and assumptions, be in charge and develop a new perspective towards resistance, perfectionism and shame.

A lot of what affects our emotional well-being is based on how we perceive what’s happening inside and outside ourselves.

Own the power of choice: Every single event in your life happened based on a choice you made. Being in charge means taking the steering wheel of your life and rejuvenate your perspective.

Our ability to tolerate unexpected situations that involve suffering, problems, contingencies - or a combo of all, give us the opportunity to see things differently. The opportunity to become less judgmental or critical of ourselves and others, more capable  to enjoying life with a greater peace of mind, feeling more at ease. We’ll work on daily practices that can help you increase your levels of patience and how to make a shift from expectations to setting intentions.


Develop inner wisdom, unblock your path to growth, learn to be led by the right voice and find your resources of personal fulfillment.

Finding a job is the verb - the action factor. Creating a life of success that is significant, that honors who you are and gives you a strong sense of fulfillment is what you need to enlist in the vision of your next job.

We’ll work on the vision of what that’d be, in order to find it and create it.


Be consciously aware of the situation where you’re standing and craft a strategic plan to embrace it, change it and take the best of it.

We’ll work on identifying your growing edge and learning opportunities that would effectively impact your personal and professional development in alignment with your goals.


Apply 4 key practices: Pay attention | Be Open | Engage |  Be Present. Learn to set boundaries and design a life you’d like to be living and what people you’d like to share it with.


Preparedness is your best ally, and a well of resources your secret weapon. These resources will help you bounce back from setbacks, life-altering challenges, or when going through overwhelmly times, in a way that you won’t only be in a state of surviving them, but learning from them, growing and thriving through them.

Your environment is what resides in your mind (consciousness & unconsciousness), in your heart, in your soul, your house, your relationships, your community and your work. Each should be in alignment in a way that speaks your truth, each one becomes a source of strength and love as well to feed you and help you go thru the ups and downs of life.

We’ll work on developing and tuning your environment awareness and making the changes that you need to have a healthy and solid personal well of resources.