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 B➚➘ENROUTEIntegral Life Design is engaging in mind, body and heart to awaken in all aspects of yourself through enriching learning and personal guidance, mentorship and coaching together. 

 Our programs are designed with cutting-edge materials and practices to nourish your life with what matters to you. 


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Writing is known to be one of the best healing practices in modern therapy. It’s a powerful way to deepen together in reflection and expression of what comes from our hearts and our minds. According to one of Stanford’s University study, we produce an average of 80 thousand thoughts a day. Hold that number for a second, 80 thousand thoughts a day.

When we live immersed in a fast-paced world, overpacked with data coming from all directions, deadlines we need to fulfilled, family events and school projects we need to keep track on, life’s own curve-balls in relationships, parenting, and health, and pretty much everything else along with the over 80 thousand thoughts per day – how can you stay focus? What do you do to declutter your mind and enjoy a stress-free lifestyle? 

Here, you'll learn a couple of practices you can start today that will help you unclutter your mind, identify thinking patterns and engage in a stream of consciousness. These practices will help you recognize your internal dialogue, filter the data that serves you, cultivate a growth mindset, and miuch more.

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