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 B➚➘ENROUTEIntegral Life Design is engaging in mind, body and heart to awaken in all aspects of yourself through enriching learning and personal guidance, mentorship and coaching together. 

 Our programs are designed with cutting-edge materials and practices to nourish your life with what matters to you. 



Enriching Personal Journey

Taking on a personal journey is one of the most enriching experiences we can have in our life. With high-impact personal advice and proven resources, we'll help you diagnose your development needs, navigate change and teach you how to make shift happen to become internally empowered, boost creativity, and experience a greater sense of wholeness.

The Enriching Personal Journey Program is an 8 -week long blended live and digital learning experience. Registration for this program includes full access to Personal Growth Curriculum, 8 weekly private sessions (by phone and video) with Gabriela and an invitation to join our 4-week free Mentoring Partner Program to share reflections and insights. The program also includes self-discovery exercises, assesments work to personal values, personality types, and other exclusive bonus content available only through this program. 

Self-Discovery ●  Mindfulness Awareness ● Motivational Unconscious ● Lead to Growth Psychology ● Emotional Awareness  ● Gain Clarity and Boost Creativity ● 7 Strategies to Manage Change and Transitions crafted designed for Relocating Partners

The Enriching Personal Journey is more than a short-lived low-impact self-discovery experience. It prepares with practices that will serve you to continue your self-learning journey with a developed self-awareness and tuned intuition. 

What Does Designing the Life You Love Requires?  A gradual inner-transformation that starts with getting to know and understand who you are today and the journey that brought you here. The role of your past and how it seal certain aspects of your thinking and behaviour. It also requires to learn how to find healing and re-wire learning, to set to craft the miracles you want to create in your future.

This wonderful journey builds up to help you lead a life with greater understanding built in self-awareness, and the beginning to learn with wisdom. To help you live with joy and love from an authentic place, and gain clarity that will help you find those things in life that matter to you and make you strong.


“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” 
― C.G. Jung