The path to this journey is an 8 -week long blended live and digital learning experience with full-access to the health & wellness curriculum.

Assessment debrief, and private coaching sessions will include a review of your results, relevant theory underlying your results, your growing edge, and creation of action steps for you going forward.

Registration for this program includes:

  • Personal Growth Program

  • Full access to Health & Wellness Curriculum (available end of 2018).

  • 8 private High-Impact Coaching sessions (in person, by phone and/or video) 60 min each.

  •  4-week follow-up Mentoring Partner Program.

Self-Discovery ● Mindfulness Awareness ● Motivational Unconscious ● Lead to Growth Psychology ● Emotional Awareness  ● Gain Clarity and Boost Creativity 

The Enriching Personal Journey is more than a short-lived low-impact self-discovery experience. It prepares you with practices that will serve you to continue your self-learning journey with increased self-awareness and tuned intuition.