"Working with Gabriela has been a great experience and an amazing journey to find myself again and be in charge of my life. It has helped me have a much healthier and loving relationship with myself and my family." - Caitlin Silva

“Gaby is my agent of change.  Working with her was a process that gave me the opportunity to change my mindset and achieve self-forgiveness; learning to accept myself and my children moved our relationship from imposing my will and wishes to just guide them in theirs.  I was able to take the power away from my emotions, they don’t ride me anymore! I recognize them and communicate them instead.  She helped me start seeing things with my own eyes and not with the eyes of others.... from my own expectations and not from those imposed to me; this has helped me be more at peace with myself, which has generated a growing positive wave in every aspect in my life.  My breakthrough was to wake up from the fact that living under other people’s expectations wasn’t living; now I live under my own terms and priorities; I don’t sit around and wait for things to happen, I take action and look for solutions to solve my problems.  She was able to take me to have this breakthrough without making me feel pushed or pressured, it all happened at my own time and at my own pace.  I’m thankful for this incredible work! I feel more aligned with my energy and more at peace with whom I am than ever before.”     - Nancy, mother & environmental activist.

"A life coach is a partner that walks with you, in a very close and caring way. I had a very special experience with Gabriela. She came into my life in a specific moment of struggle, challenge, stress; a vulnerable time where I was starting a new life as a mother of two and out of the corporate world.  She helped me see what I couldn’t see, feel what I couldn’t feel. The feedback I received from her was so specific, and precise. The material she gave me helped explore my deepest fears, past, present and futures. If I could make an analogy, would be - I cleaned and arranged my desk (mind my spirit.)

 With a new perspective of my present moment, embracing whom I am, breathing and feeling motherhood and the blessings of this gift.  I couldn’t be happier with this phase of my life; consciously aware that this moment is a wink of the eye in the life of my 2 girls. I am happy changing my career to become a health coach, a stronger and more fulfilled holistic woman, instead of running or continue with the inertia of the performance, the fulfillment of the ego.   Thank you & blessings my friend. - Carina de los Santos Finan, mother and Health Coach"