Sumita's 2018 community based participatory research incorporated culturally acceptable food options and mindful eating in encouraging diet change.

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Sumita is a Health and Wellness Coach and Founder at Omniwellness from Palo Alto, CA where she integrates customized energy-enhancing practices in the workplace. Sumita designs personalized wellness plans that include wholesome nutrition, herbs, yoga, meditation and mindfulness practices and consults and assist in achieving and sustaining wellness long-term goals.

She also offers individual and group yoga sessions for children and adults, at her Palo Alto studio.

aromas   breathing exercises  ●  cleansing routines   
  meditation practices    
mindfulness techniques  
 numerology readings    nutrition plans    rejuvenation regimens    
yoga asana  
 yoga nidra

Sumita's academic training includes,  Fellow 2014, Stanford Health 4 All Stanford University School of Medicine, California Ayurvedic Specialist, 2002, California College of Ayurveda, Master of Yoga 1997 & 2008 and International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center.

* Sumita's Health & Wellness Curriculum will be avialable end of October 2018